Sunday, January 23, 2011
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The Registry

Deputy Registrar

Message from the Deputy Registrar

I wish to renew the Registry's commitment to rendering unflinching support for the College's various constituents as they interact in realizing the mission and purpose of the institution

The registry is fully appreciative of the importance of students on campus, realizing, of course, that it exists because students do. This is by no stretch of the imagination means that the Registry gives students blank cheques, but it does endeavour to facilitate both students and staff in the pursuit of their legitimate

Universities have several unique attributes, which set them apart from other organizations, and a vital one of these is the freedom of enquiry. While students are encouraged to imbibe this attribute, however, it is essential for this to be done constructively.

The committee system, which forms the basis of the College's culture of broad governance, makes provision for representation of all interest groups. Thus students are represented on all the most important committees including Faculty Boards and Standing Committee.

I should, however, highlight the students' welfare committee, which as its name implies, handles matters relating to students' welfare. Students are advised to avail themselves of the opportunity provided by this committee to channel their concerns. Finally, while I welcome all on board the Fourah Bay College Community, I also want to take this opportunity to encourage students to become au fait with the rules and regulations that govern their stay with the college, noting that the notice boards at strategic points on campus serve as essential media of communication of deci¬sions affecting students.

Welcome to Fourah Bay College and have a fruitful stay with us.

S. N. Dumbuya
Deputy Registrar.