Saturday, July 23, 2011
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Faculty of Engineering & Architecture

The faculty of engineering consist of the department of electrical and electronics engineering, civil engineering and mechanical and maintenance engineering.

Departments and Staff

DEAN & Senior Lecturer

Savage, A .B

Civil Engineering

Senior Lecturer and Head of Department

  • Savage, A .B. - BEng.(USL), MSc. (USA), MSLIE, P.Eng


  • Kamara, V.S. -  B.Eng Hons. (USL), M.Eng, PhD (Beijing) MSLIE, MASCE: Senior Lect.
  • Barrie, M. - B.Eng Hons.(USL), MSc (Tanzania) : Lecturer. I
  • Bruce, F. - B.Eng Hons.(USL), M.Eng (Chongqing), MSLIE: Lecturer. II
  • Davies, B. - B.Eng Hons. (USL), M.Sc. Lect. II
  • Koroma, A. - B.Eng (USL) : Temp. Teaching Asistant.
  • George, J.A - City & Guilds Cert. In Mech. Eng. Part I, Lab Techn's Cert.: Principal Lab. Technician.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Senior Lecturer. and Head of Department 

  • Bah, M. - B.Eng. lions. (USL), MPhil, PhD (Swansea,W'ales) MIEE, MIEEE, MSLIE


  • Redwood-Sawyerr, J.A.S. - B.Eng (USL), MSc (Lond), PhD (Essex), MIEE, C.Eng, FSLIE, (Assoc. Prof.)
  • Kanu, J. - B.Eng, M.Sc (Essex), Ph1) (Aston) : Lecturer. I
  • Kebbie, E.F. - B.Eng, (USL), MSc (Madras) AMIEE : Lecturer.
  • Thorlu-Bangura, I.Y. - BEng Hons (USL), MSc (Lond) : Lecturer.
  • Roberts, O.G.M. - Chief Technician

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