Sunday, January 23, 2011
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Board of examiners

Examiners Boards shall be composed according to regulations laid down by the University and they shall meet after every semester to consider the examination results and make appropriate recommendations. They shall also meet at the end of the year to review the performance of students during the academic year and make appropriate recommendations.

They shall normally meet three (3) weeks after the end of examinations.

External Examiners Board


External Examiners shall be appointed by the University Senate upon recommendation by Faculty Boards. They shall not normally hold office for more than three consecutive years, and there shall not normally be more than one moderator for each degree programme, except for departments where a system of Examiners panel is used.

Duties of External Examiners

External Examiners shall be requested to advise on course structure and syllabuses relating to their field. They shall, among other things, review examination questions, model answers and marking schemes, and in some cases mark scripts. They may be present for the conduct of oral examinations. They shall be requested to comment on the conduct of examinations, academic standards and any other matters relevant to examinations. Such comments shall be sent to the university with copies to Departmental and Faculty Boards for their consideration.

If there is need for clarification on any of these guidelines, please contact your Head of Department or the Deputy Registrar.