Tuesday, November 29, 2011
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Forms and Past Papers

2010 Congregation PDF Print E-mail

Visit http://congregation.fbcusl.net to register for 2010 congregation ceremony. The main purpose of this website is to enable students that will be graduating this year, 2010 to upload their passport size photos, personal details and other information about themselves.

FBC at a glance PDF Print E-mail

Fourah Bay College was founded by the Church Missionary Society in 1827, for the purpose of training Africans as schoolmasters, catechists and clergymen. The establishment of Fourah Bay College intended, on the one hand ,to provide its pupils, the children of the freed slaves and liberated Africans with opportunities to obtain training in basic skills, needed to survive in their new environment, and on the other hand, to train those of its pupils who displayed the requisite aptitude as teachers and priests.

In 1876, the CMS succeeded in getting the College affiliated to Durham University, which meant that the students could sit for Durham's matriculation examinations and take Durham University degree examinations, although Durham had no control over the appointment of lectures and lecturing. The affiliation led to a revision of the courses include Latin, Greek, Hebrew,Arabic,History, Natural Science, French and German.

FBC - University of Sierra Leone